R Tutorials

I have posted a series of R tutorials on Youtube. These tutorials are intended to assist R learners who are undertaking Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

This first presentation is a demonstration on how to read in CSV files into the R environment.

The list of current tutorials will be maintained in the “Computing with R” page.


3 thoughts on “R Tutorials

  1. Gerard Alexander

    Good stuff, but puzzled by one thing: When discussing standardizing variables and scaling in Hierarchical Clustering, you then later went on to do the clustering on the non-scaled data. Was it not the intention not to perform this with scaled data, or did I miss a major point?
    Please advise, Gerard

      1. Gerard Alexander

        OK, but a little annotation my have been OK. Emjoyed it all. I am left with the question how to cluster on someones job type …? Not ordinal, categorical but … may be I will see teh answeer, but I am getting the impression N binary is the standard approach for a lot of things but cannot see how that would apply, thx anyway

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