New Websites

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Maths at StatsLab – New Page

Much of the material that is currently on this blog is going to be moved to very soon, including the following programs


Mathematics For Business

I am setting up an online course for “Mathematics for Business”.  I will maintain the draft material on this page, developing it as I go.  The course features introductory differentiation and integration,  linear algebra and sequences and series.

The page is here.


Discrete Mathematics

I am currently tutoring a discrete mathematics module for a distance learning programming. To assist the students I have put up some short tutorial videos on youtube – simple four or five minute “How To” videos. 

See the “Discrete Mathematics” page for a full listing.


R Tutorials

I have posted a series of R tutorials on Youtube. These tutorials are intended to assist R learners who are undertaking Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

This first presentation is a demonstration on how to read in CSV files into the R environment.

The list of current tutorials will be maintained in the “Computing with R” page.


About This Site

This site is intended as a portal of sorts for the on-line tutorials I have made.

These  tutorials are intended to be very short “how-to” videos on a range of subject areas that I am involved in,  specifically R computing, Statistics and Maths.

The videos are intended to be as short , and as simple, as possible.

In all likelihood, I will remake quite a few of them, so feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments.